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US-2005264788-A1: Lithography apparatus and pattern forming method using the same patent, US-2006095444-A1: Data structure and method for pipeline heap-sorting patent, US-2006194535-A1: Broadcast delivery to a wireless device patent, US-2006262556-A1: Backlight module with heat dissipation members patent, US-2007029913-A1: Christmas bulb structure patent, US-2007097500-A1: Method and apparatus for improving image quality in a reflecting telescope patent, US-2007097862-A1: Call admission controlling device and method for providing qos in high-speed portable network patent, US-2007113948-A1: Method for winding strips on a tire building machine patent, US-2007125331-A1: Method for adjusting an angle of rotation, and phase displacement device for carrying out said method patent, US-2007134646-A1: Hyaluronic acid oligosaccharide fractions and drugs containing the same patent, US-2007143669-A1: Method and system for delivering documents to terminals with limited display capabilities, such as mobile terminals patent, US-2007156740-A1: Generating a separable query design object and database schema through visual view editing patent, US-2007211771-A1: Surface phonon-polariton raman laser patent, US-2007254676-A1: Assisting A Location-Determining System Using Location Determined From A Communication System patent, US-2007294436-A1: Apparatus and method for scanning slave addresses of smbus slave devices patent, US-2008057694-A1: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2008073446-A1: Composite Shower Head patent, US-2008202457-A1: Engine patent, US-2008215843-A1: Storage area management method for a storage system patent, US-2008274896-A1: Substrate for Superconducting Wire and Fabrication Method Thereof and Superconducting Wire patent, US-2008293146-A1: Method And Apparatus For Compensating For Variations In Particle Trajectories In Electrostatic Sorter For Flowcell Cytometer patent, US-2008310787-A1: Rolling bearing apparatus patent, US-2009036510-A1: 1, 2-diaryl pyrazoles useful as analgetic and antiinflammatory agents patent, US-2009047704-A1: Combination of a Histological or Cytological Fixing Agent and One or More Photoactivatable Compounds of the Quinone Family, In Particular Hypericin, Hypocrellin A and Hypocrellin B patent, US-2009087611-A1: Steel sheet overlap structure, method for manufacturing same, and steel sheet for steel sheet overlap structure patent, US-2009127829-A1: Folding cart patent, US-2009138578-A1: Method, system and apparatus for managing terminal devices patent, US-2009142991-A1: Silicon Wafer Grinding Apparatus, Retaining Assembly Used for the Same and Silicon Wafer Flatness Correcting Method patent, US-2009308666-A1: Anti-abrasion device for stylus integrated with antenna and electronic apparatus using the same patent, US-2010010595-A1: Apparatus for thermal treatment of tissue patent, US-2010041010-A9: Method to treat collagenous connective tissue for implant remodeled by host cells into living tissue patent, US-2010052632-A1: DC/DC Converter and Current Sense Circuit Thereof patent, US-2010056082-A1: Communication system with frequency-adaptive predistorter design patent, US-2010067370-A1: Data transmission apparatus and a data transmission method patent, US-2010129541-A1: Control method for producing ground markings, and reference beam generator patent, US-2010141680-A1: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-2004006492-A1: Health care service system patent, US-2004014915-A1: Method for breaking a chain during anionic polymerisation patent, US-2004082013-A1: Methods for screening for substances which inhibit fp prostanoid receptor interaction with a compound having pgf2alpha activity and methods of treating cancer patent, US-2004122739-A1: Material shortage simulation management system and method patent, US-2004163805-A1: Method and apparatus to complete a well having tubing inserted through a valve patent, US-2004186236-A1: Process for producing thermoplastic elastomer composition patent, US-2004191414-A1: Transparent article patent, US-2004208231-A1: Concealing process of digital information patent, US-2005020900-A1: Method and system for measuring in a dynamic sequence of medical images patent, US-2005050015-A1: Generic iViews patent, US-2005198079-A1: Process and system for real-time relocation of objects during garbage collection patent, US-2005212683-A1: K-9 protector patent, US-2005242735-A1: Fluorescent lamp for emitting visible radiation patent, US-2006016969-A1: Optical delay lines. patent, US-2006059000-A1: Speech synthesis using concatenation of speech waveforms patent, US-2006088777-A1: Image forming method, a photoreceptor used for the apparatus, and an image forming unit patent, US-2006092352-A1: Liquid crystal display with oblique electrode assembly portions patent, US-2006103343-A1: Device with controllable divider elements and control method patent, US-2006107925-A1: Closed loop engine control for regulating NOx emissions, using a two-dimensional fuel-air curve patent, US-2006110446-A1: Deferacirox dispersible tablets patent, US-2006167350-A1: Multi-tier method of developing localized calibration models for non-invasive blood analyte prediction patent, US-2006194101-A1: Terminal-linking member of secondary battery module patent, US-2006194675-A1: Multiple heavy bag stand patent, US-2006231868-A1: Semiconductor device for high voltage IC patent, US-2006248099-A1: Method and system for implementing and managing an enterprise identity management for distributed security patent, US-2006252682-A1: Liquid growth hormone formulation and process of preparation thereof patent, US-2006293571-A1: Distributed architecture for remote patient monitoring and caring patent, US-2007013952-A1: Reverse diffusion digital halftone quantization patent, US-2007022773-A1: Cooling energy saving structure patent, US-2007063907-A1: Wireless communication system and method patent, US-2007172926-A1: Methods and compositions for identifying and characterizing hepatitis C patent, US-2007265856-A1: Method of selecting a liftgate patent, US-2007294613-A1: Communication system for remote collaborative creation of multimedia contents patent, US-2007295440-A1: Surface roughness reduction for improving bonding in ultrasonic consolidation rapid manufacturing patent, US-2007298519-A1: Method of Measuring Affinity Substances patent, US-2008084774-A1: Floating body control in soi dram patent, US-2008122475-A1: A Current Mirror with Circuitry That Allows for Over Voltage Stress Testing patent, US-2008140131-A1: Lumbar spine anterior scoliosis reduction surgery patent, US-2008140439-A1: Method and apparatus for analyzing the variable operating rate of a manufacturing process patent, US-2008199409-A1: Effervescent Acidified Rehydration Preparations patent, US-2008237951-A1: Vibration damping bushing and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008264776-A1: Methods of Making Gold Nitride patent, US-2008288850-A1: Method and apparatus for code block segmentation in a mobile communication system patent, US-2009055774-A1: Method For Operating A Navigation System patent, US-2009068592-A1: Positive resist composition and method of forming resist pattern patent, US-2009089792-A1: Method and system for managing thermal asymmetries in a multi-core processor patent, US-2009092288-A1: Image position measuring apparatus and exposure apparatus patent, US-2009105285-A1: Pharmaceutical combinations comprising a mtor inhibitor and a raf kinase inhibitor patent, US-2009124259-A1: Layer 2 tunneling of data during handover in a wireless communication system patent, US-2009143891-A1: Wire electrical discharge machine with deformation compensation ability patent, US-2009153770-A1: System And Method For Managing Cables In A Display Base patent, US-2009188470-A1: Hold-down device patent, US-2009191103-A1: Dispersion-intensified, coalescence-intensified chemical reactor and method patent, US-2009225810-A1: Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program patent, US-2009296433-A1: Circuit and topology for very high reliability power electronics system patent, US-2009317574-A1: Flange for a blow-molding container patent, US-2010003417-A1: Image forming method patent, US-2010054789-A1: Ejection tray, sheet supply and ejection device, image forming apparatus, and information display device patent, US-2010068316-A1: Phospholipid complexes of olive fruits or leaves extracts having improved bioavailability patent, US-2010079142-A1: Combined magnetic resonance imaging and targeting device for magnetic particles patent, US-2010123702-A1: Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same patent, US-2010127890-A1: Spherical sensor and data collection vehicles patent, US-2003220732-A1: Airflow estimation for engines with displacement on demand patent, US-2003231322-A1: Print data forming apparatus, print data forming method, and computer-readable program patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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